***I understand that by filling out this pre-adoption form I am not obligated to adopt a cat through The Pet Adoption League. The Pet Adoption League reserves the right to deny any application based on our standards and policies and the reason for the determination is confidential. 

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3. In what type of housing do you reside?        
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7. List ALL people living in the home (not listed above) and include the following for each: (1) Full Name, (2) Relationship to Applicant, (3) Age.
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8. Have all adult household members (Spouse/Partner, Roommate, Parents, etc.) agreed upon adopting a pet?    
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9. Has anyone in your family ever been allergic to cat hair?    
    Please explain how this will be managed if you adopt a cat.
10 Are you prepared for the additional cost of food, cat litter and veterinary care? Costs can range from $500 - $1000 per year, or more, depending on health issues.      
11. Are you willing to take responsibility for this cat for the rest of its life, 15 years or more?      
12. Some cats may need help learning appropriate litter box habits and scratching behavior in their new home. Are you committed to working with the cat on such behaviors, if needed?           
13. What arrangements will be made for the cat if you are away?
14. If there is a new addition to the family (child, grandchild, etc.), how will this impact the cat’s life?
15. Have you ever re-homed a pet or returned one to a shelter/rescue?       
16.What circumstances would result in you returning the cat to us?
17. How many pets do you currently own?
 Please list type of pet, name, age, if it is spayed/neutered and if they are current on vaccinations.
18. What pets have you owned in the past?
Please list type of pet, the age it passed and cause of death.
19. Are you  planning on having the cat declawed?
20. Who will have primary responsibility to care for the cat?
21. How many hours per day will your cat be left alone?
22. Where will  your cat  be kept during the day?        At night?
23. Will your cat be kept: 
24. Do you agree to have this cat spayed/neutered?
25. Who is your Vet? ( Name & Town )
26. Vet's phone number:
A representative from PAL will contact your vet.
27. List two personal non-related references  (If you do not currently have a vet, please include a third personal reference.)
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Name: Phone:
Name: Phone:

The Pet Adoption League stands behind our cats for their entire lives.
 If you become unwilling or unable to keep the cat, at any point after adoption,
you MUST return it to The Pet Adoption League.
You MAY NOT RE-HOME the cat on your own. If you decide to adopt, you will be signing a legal contract agreeing to this.

  By clicking SUBMIT I agree to Pet Adoption League's  adoption policy regarding returned cats.


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